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Report to the Public

October 17, 2016

Pyron Elementary School

Mission Statement:
All students will achieve academically, socially, and physically to the best of their ability. We will promote the
development of successful and responsible students.


Pyron enrollment as of October 2016 – 618
5 over last year’s October enrollment
227 students in 2nd grade
198 students in 3rd grade
193 students in 4th grade


Asian – 5.99%, 37 students
Black – 1.78%, 11 students
Caucasian – 49.84%, 308 students
Hispanic/Latino—39.64%, 245students
Hawaii/PI – .32%, 2 students
Two or more races—2.43%, 15 students

77% free/reduced meals, up 2% from 15-16
Serve approximately 225 breakfasts each morning
Serve approximately 590 lunches each day

Gifted/Talented: 12 students
Special Education: 68 students
Section 504: 7 students
Alternative Classroom Instruction: 10 students
LEP (Limited English Proficient): 195 students (up 25 students from 15-16)
Migrant: 36 students
Homeless: 30 students
School choice: 51 students
Home languages: 62.78% English, 31.23% Spanish, 5.99% others

STAFF: 48 Certified Staff
31 Classified Staff including cafeteria staff and custodians

All certified teachers are fully accredited by the Arkansas Department of Education with one G/T teacher working
on an Additional Licensure Plan.

Pyron has fully implemented the standards of Common Core Curriculum as mandated by the Arkansas
Department of Education. Our school is focusing on the following programs to effectively implement these

Pyron Elementary School continues to use the Accelerated Reading, Star Reading, Effective Literacy,
Readers and Writers’ Workshop, Word Patterns, and Reading Labs in second and third grades to supplement
our reading programs. We continue to train new staff members in second and third grades in these programs.
Our fourth grade teachers are using the same programs above with the exception of Effective Literacy and
reading labs. Teachers are being trained in Literacy Lab to improve reading skills and provide students with
meaningful reading experiences. In fourth grade students do not go to a reading lab, but we have two
paraprofessionals who go into the classes and work with students individually or in small groups. We are
continuing to increase our classroom libraries with more books (both fiction and non-fiction), magazines,
journals, and technology accessibility through subscriptions to Tumblebooks and Overdrive. In second grade all
students are screened for dyslexia markers with any students scoring low and not making progress referred for
dyslexia interventions using the district-adopted Barton reading system.

My Math teacher editions, student editions and digital resources are used again this year. Students are
learning math concepts through research, discovery, and experimentation. We continue to use Accelerated
Math, Math Facts in a Flash, and Star Math to supplement our math program.
We are also continuing to teach our students to type correctly on the keyboard using the Type-to-Learn
program. We are currently researching a switch to a new program. We use Renaissance products as remediation
and enrichment for all students. Students go to the computer lab one time each week to work on math, reading,
and research skills. The computer lab is also available for teacher-led research and reporting according to

STEM and science:
Project Lead the Way(PLTW) is in the second year at Pyron. PLTW courses are aligned with Common Core
State Standards for Math and English Language Arts, Next Generation Science Standards, and other national
and state standards. Courses and units are designed to complement math and science courses. Students use
structured approaches, like the engineering design process. They apply STEM knowledge, skills, and
habits of mind, and discover that trying different approaches and solutions is an essential part of the
learning process. As teachers and students learn and discover together, education becomes more engaging
and meaningful for everyone. This year all Pyron students will learn from each of the PLTW modules available
for each grade level. For details about all PLTW Launch Modules go to
Since Pyron is the current regional STEM Olympiad champion, we are looking
forward to our third year of participation in this competition. Robotics and water filtration are new challenges
for students participating this year.

We will continue to expand and improve students’ experiences in the outdoor habitat and wellness. Grants
are in process to build a paved walking and biking trail through the playgrounds of Pyron/Kraus. The University of
the Ozarks Community garden provides fresh vegetables according to season/availability to compliment the
ARVAC-funded back pack program. Work continues to be done to improve the Pyron Nature Trail and renovate
the amphitheater area with PTO raising these funds.

We are still a Smart Showcase School. So far this school year we have replaced multiple teacher computers,
video projection units, projectors, inherited enough netbooks for all students to use, purchased 11 laptop
carts, and 60 iPads with plans to buy more. Also, Pyron student accomplishments and projects are published
and highlighted with our Pyron Elementary APP, Facebook page, and Twitter feed. Our hallways house eight
TV monitors to highlight student accomplishments, math facts, or book recommendations. The cafeteria uses
two TVs for highlighting birthdays, menu, and healthy choices. Renaissance Home connect letters were also
sent to allow parents to view student reading progress online. Teachers use TAC (teacher access center) to enter
grades and attendance and to enter lessons while the parents can view attendance, grades, and
discipline with HAC (home access center) and view lessons with Parents received a letter of HAC
login instructions and password. We continue to use the ALERT Now call system that enables us to make mass
calls to our students for announcements and emergencies. The PTO purchased the outdoor LED sign.

Pyron has our own ALE classroom to best serve the needs of our students who are not able to succeed in the
regular classroom because of behavioral or emotional issues. This classroom will serve a maximum of 10
students. With a Daysprings counseling services counselor working with these students full-time, these students
receive consistent, needed behavioral health and monitoring to work toward individual goals. Students are
placed in ALE only after pre-screening and a committee decision. ALE students can work their way back into the
regular classroom.

All Pyron teachers, with the guidance and coordination of our district examiner and LEA, are documenting
student progress every two weeks and charting classroom interventions using new district data program:

Our fourth grade classes participate in Quiz Bowl. We will have matches against other area schools. This
program is coordinated through our Gifted and Talented program.

Pyron Elementary adopted the “Cub” as our mascot and the children named him “Spirit.” Our CUBS logo is
Caring stUdents Believe and Succeed. We will use this program through our counselor Mrs. Brewer to encourage
good character and citizenship throughout our school and community. Students are also recognized for good
character choices though Mrs. Brewer’s Student of the Month bulletin board and monthly CUB activities with the
administrators. Students will study and incorporate the 7 Habits of Happy Kids through Mrs. Brewer’s lessons.

Along with our character education program comes Cub Cam. Every morning we have video broadcast of
daily announcements. Students are chosen for this broadcast based on good citizenship and attendance in class.
We also use Cub Cam for book talks and to show the whole school what other unique things are going on in other
classes and community. The studio is housed in the music room, is complete with custom sewn backdrops,
lighting panel, “teleprompter” and a special segments. These are shared through private YOUtube links.

The Pyron Parent Resource Center, now housed in the media center, is open Monday through Friday from
8:00 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. To accommodate working parents, the Center will be open until 5:00 p.m. every
Wednesday. Parents have access to make and take games, six iPads, read-along books and tapes, books,
periodicals, and magazines that can be checked out and taken home. Our visitors, volunteers, and Watch Dog
dads can now log in to our Volunteer computer in the main office upon arrival. This computer software allows
the office and volunteer coordinator to know who is in the building at all times and run reports. We also have a
Grandparents program, Foster Grandparents, which allows senior citizens an opportunity to work with students
and assist teachers.
Pyron Elementary School provides opportunities each year for parents to learn about what goes on here at
school. Our Parent Literacy Night is in the Fall/early winter. Families come to learn literacy/STEM strategies they
can use at home through our Gingerbread House Night. Fourth grade is planning a STEM night for the spring.
We are continuing to use the Pyron App available through School Info App at the Apple App Store or Google

1. Since Arkansas has adopted the national Common Core Curriculum Standards, Pyron Elementary has
started our sixth year of teaching to these and will continue to align our curriculum in math and literacy
both vertically and horizontally as well as train our teachers for best strategies to meet CCSS and state
2. Implement TESS (Teacher Excellence and Support System)
3. We will continue to train new staff members in Effective Literacy, Writers’/Readers’ Workshop, Literacy
Lab, Word Patterns, Pathwise Mentoring, and Professional Learning Community Committees.
4. We will continue to incorporate Accelerated Reading, Accelerated Math, Star Reading, and Star Math
programs to increase students’ math and literacy skills.
5. We will continue to research and implement proven programs and professional developments to assist
teachers improve student achievement.
6. We will continue to add technology to enhance instruction and learning.


Please direct any questions or comments you have about Pyron to
Mrs. Christel Thompson, Principal or
Mrs. Anna Fulmer, Assistant Principal