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Third Grade Expectations » Home


Third Grade Students Must Master The Following Skills In Order
To Be Ready For The Fourth Grade


1. Count to 100,000.
2. Recognize numbers to 100,000.
3. Write numbers to 100,000 without a model.
4. Read number words to 100,000.
5. Write number words zero to 100,000 without a model.
6. Know place value to 100,000 place.
7. Know odd and even numbers.
8. Work column addition problems.
9. Work addition problems with regrouping to 100,000.
10. Work subtraction problems with regrouping to 100,000.
11. Know fact families.
12. Know multiplication facts 0-9, multiplication = repeated add.
13. Introduce single digit division.
14. Know division facts through 5.
15. Identify 1/2 dollar and a five dollar bill.
16. Be able to add and subtract money.
17. Be able to round to nearest $1.00 and $10.00.
18. Be able to tell time to the minute.
19. Understand lapse time.
20. Understand concept of half past and quarter past.
21. Reinforce measurement skills.
22. Be able to read and interpret tally charts, pictures and bar graphs.
23. Be able to read a thermometer.
24. Plot points on a graph from data gathered (chance laws)
25. Make graphs from data gathering.
26. Identify cone, cube, pyramid, and rectangular prisms.
27. Find angles in shapes and coordinate locations.
28. Identify polygons.
29. Identify line segments.
30. Reinforce symmetry and congruent concepts.
31. Understand perimeter.
32. Know ordinal numbers through 20th place.
33. Understand that fractions are part of a whole.
34. Name/identify fractions and compare/order decimals.
35. Identify shaded parts and name them using fractions