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Fourth Grade Expectations » Home


Fourth Grade Students Must Master The Following Skills In Order
To Be Ready For The Fifth Grade


1. Demonstrate number sense (concepts of counting, graphing, and place value).
2. Problem solving through different operations (add, subtracting, multiply, divide).
3. Use mental math to demonstrate different operations.
4. Apply computation and estimation to real-world problems.
5. Describe and compare quantities by using concrete and real world models of fractions.
6. Sort, classify, and construct, geometric shapes / figure.
7. Describe, model, draw, construct, compare, and classify shapes in 1, 2, and 3 dimensions.
8. Determine the relationship between shapes / figures using congruent, similarity, and transformations.
9. Demonstrate spatial awareness (size, directions, area, perimeter, volume).
10. Demonstrate the use of appropriate units of measure.
11. Convert from on measurement to another within the same system (ex. feet to yards).
12. Solve the problems with money, time, and temperature.
13. Make predictions about final results of data collected.
14. Collect, organize, analyze, and interpret data.
15. Display data using bar graphs, line graphics, tables, pie graphs, etc.
16. Predict the results of data collection.
17. Use oral and / or written communication to interpret created patterns.
18. Demonstrate writing skills in solving and explaining the outcome of a reading problem.